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I took quite elaborate SQL and SQL-admin courses at Oracle, but that was
years ago. Have never since used SQL but for some extremely simple
straightforward queries on single table db's. So while conjoins, inner and
outer joins et cetera ring some bells, I wouldn't know how to tell one from
the other anymore, let alone put them to good use.

So I decided to check for some good reading material that starts from
scratch but quickly picks up. I haven't really found a lot yet, my library
has zip and I don't want to buy before I try or be sure its worth the cost.
I am a rather quick learner I think, with a preference for visual support
and try it yourself quiz-type quick snippets. If there is a choice in
underlying OS, I prefer Linux to Win32.

I also tried to find some good newsgroups, and while PHP has several, I
can't find a good english (or dutch) ng on mysql (at least not on my
isp-server). Do you peeps have some tips on good reading/study material and
newsgroups to look for ?

Thanks a lot in advance! All your good links, tips, book titles and ng names
are welcome!

Re: About mysql reading and newsgroups

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Newsgroups on the other hand are as good and nice as the people who go
In my opinion mailing.database.mysql is very active normal good newsgroup.

Re: About mysql reading and newsgroups

Pjotr Wedersteers wrote:

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Hi Pjotr,

For a quick overview (only to refresh your memories) try:
 http://www.w3schools.com /
and pick SQL.

If you want an indepth good book, filled with examples/exercises.
The best way to master SQL, in my humble opinion, is reading about it and
above all: doing it a lot.
I know of 1 Dutch book (You mentioned you read Dutch.).
It is called simply: "SQL Leerboek" and I am sure you can find it in any
good technical bookstore.
(Here is a hyperlink to the book: http://www.r20.nl/boek_SQL_leerboek.htm )

Allthough the book isn't very new, it is still a great book for learning and

Good luck,
Erwin Moller

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