A webserver (PHP 5) with a few database server (MySQL)

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Dear all,

Please help~~

I have a problem in connecting my new FC5 webserver (apache 2.2 + php 5.1.4)  
to a few database servers through the PHP scripts (RH9, FC2, FC3). I have  
set host privileges correctly for the database servers. It seems that after  
I migrated the php files (originally in each database server) to the  
centralised FC5 webserver, it failed to work. Is it because of the PHP5 is  
compiled with MySQL version 4 +? Since those RH9 / FC2 and FC3 are equipped  
with only MySQL 3.2x.

What I have done:

1. Rebuild the Apache 2.2.0, PHP 5.1.4 with mysql support (both mysqli &&  
mysql) on FC5 webserver
2. Host privileges in each of the database servers.
3. Firewall rules for port 3306 on each server.

What is successful:
1. The FC5 webserver is able to connect to its own MySQL server (version  

What is failed:
1. There wasn't any error message from PHP 5 (display through the browser),  
until I pop into console and type at the prompt let say "php index.php",  
then all the error message was displayed through the console.

Many thanks

Re: A webserver (PHP 5) with a few database server (MySQL)

¥|¥J wrote:

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It would be a great help if you could be more specific about your problem...
exactly what problems are occuring?  If you could quote some of the errors
the people in this group would have a better chance of being able to fix

Benjamin D. Esham
bdesham@gmail.com  |  AIM: bdesham128  |  Jabber: same as e-mail
"I haven't been on Usenet for very long, but it seems to be a
black hole with regards to the time it requires to keep up with
it."              — an anonymous Usenet user, from a 1983 survey

Re: A webserver (PHP 5) with a few database server (MySQL)

Dear Benjamin,

I was unable to get any error code from the browser. I can only add "or die
('XXX')" and "mysql_error()" to indicate that I was unable to connect to the
database server. Let me try a little bit more. I do appreciate for any kind
of help.



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