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For want of a better description i've just starting writing my first  
real pre written script for others to use called www.phpgb.co.uk

A problem I have is I have nothing to compare it with and can only  
really guess at what the punter does or doesnt want .

The first website I seen that used my script was a indian restaurant in  
australia and the webmaster used a background image so it fits into the  
rest of their website - hope their curry skills are better than their  
script hacking skills :-)

Taking a wild guess I would say about 20% of users will want to use a  
background image and as i've installed lots of other peoples pre written  
scripts myself I know its not always easy to edit or change stuff like  
that if you dont really understand what it is you are editing .

The tip ? .

Give the user the optional option of specifying a background image in  
the config file so its only a single line that needs changing to achieve  
the effect .

none OR url(blah.jpg)

To my way of thinking , This means theres less chance of a inexperienced  
user hacking around your script and changing stuff for the worse so its  
looks terrible .

Re: A tip ?

I developed an application that is used by museums with public access
projects the world over -- one thing they insisted on was changing the
way the thing looked, nobody likes cookie cutter stuff --- so all the
HTML it proceduces is minimal and the layout is managed by CSS.

This ultimatly was a great solution -- it meant nobody needed to hack
the actual code, and a config setting was created to point to a CSS
file so they could change it on a whim.  Setting background images on a
page, or practicly any other element of HTML is really quite easy using
CSS -- and means less headaches for you.

Re: A tip ?

Following on from James's message. . .
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Or to put it more simply: "Click here for large print version"

Don't forget you can use more than one css file at a time eg one for  
colour preferences and another for layout settings in a mix 'n match  

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