A question about header()?

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All of the examples I've seen use header to relad the current page or an
entirely new page.

Can it be used in a frame environment to cause a page to be loaded into
a different frame?  If so, how do I specify the particular frame as well
as page?

(The particular application I have in mind has the user chase down a
      tree of menus in one frame, and finally select a form into a
second frame, to be filled out; once that form is completed, I want to
revert to a prior menu is the chain, without reloading the site from

John Kopf

Re: A question about header()?

John Kopf wrote:
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Not that I am aware of. When a redirect header gets interpreted by your
browser, it already knows which frame it was requested for. It would
open a nice can of security worms if that were possible.

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Look at the HTML specs: the "form" element can have a "target" attribute.

Re: A question about header()?

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The short answer is no.

I suspect you'll need to implement this in Javascript.

But do have a look at phplm.


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