A "good" PHP SOAP tutorial?

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I've been searching for a little while (about the past week or so) and
not finding anything really close to what I'm looking for.  I have an
application that I've writting that, as of this point in time, is a
"traditional" web application.  Meaning, that it's the regular
application in the sense that the user does some data entry, sends the
request to the server for dome processing, and another page comes up and
displays the result and enables the user to repeat the whole sequence
all over again.

What I would like is a decently portable approach to make this
application lighter on bandwidth, and feel more like "an application"
then a web site.  As I understand from what I know thus far, SOAP and
XML are the technologies that I need to look at and, thus, that's the
way to go.

What I'm not able to find, is a clear tutorial on how to apply SOAP
stuff to PHP applications.  If I understand correctly, the SOAP model
consists of a server-side module or modules, and the "application"
running on the client side (such as JavaScript within a web browser),
and XML is passed back and forth between the two.

This application as it is currently implemented is a PHP application
which interfaces with the user using XHTML 1.1 and PostgreSQL is its
persistant store.  I'm not sure that it makes much of a difference,
really, other then the main fact is that it's a PHP application.  I'd
like for it to stay that way, and then have the application be able to
make the determination of whether or not to present the new interface to
a user, or the old regular interface.

Where would I find a well written tutorial on these subjects?  Since the
application only does very particular transactions I would like to take
advantage of this type of technology.

    Thanks in Advance,

Re: A "good" PHP SOAP tutorial?

It sounds like you really want to get into doing ajax (asynchronous
javascript and XML). Take a look at the xajax PHP Class Library..

On the javascript side of things, I recommend prototype, openrico, and

Re: A "good" PHP SOAP tutorial?

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Ooh.  Thank you so very much.  I am going to start looking into all of
this... this looks like, though, from the onset, *just* what I've been
trying to find.  Thank you!

    - Mike

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