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The code in XML::Parser::Style::Subs seems to be quite slow in some
situations, and also it silently eats any errors that might occur in
the call backs.

sub Start {
  no strict 'refs';
  my $expat = shift;
  my $tag = shift;
  my $sub = $expat-> . "::$tag";
  eval { &$sub($expat, $tag, @_) };

I've replaced it for my purposes with:

sub Start {
  no strict 'refs';
  my $sub = $_[0]-> . "::$_[1]";
  return unless defined &$sub;

The sub End was also modified analogously.)

This is faster and propagates errors as expected.  But it probably doesn't
work for AutoLoaded callbacks.  I don't care about that for my current
purposes, but for the sake of general improvement, is there a way to
arrange for the code to be faster and propagate errors while still working
for AutoLoad?



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Re: XML::Parser::Style::Subs

Quoth xhoster@gmail.com:
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You ought to be able to use $_[0]->->can($_[1]) instead of defined
&$sub: packages which use AUTOLOAD ought to provide a corresponding
->can. Any that actually use AutoLoader will.

Of course, now you've replaced an eval BLOCK with a method call, which
is probably slower :). TBH, I don't think AutoLoader is much used now
(the benefits are arguable), and a package using AUTOLOAD for clever
tricks would be better off using the XML::Parser interface directly.

The right answer is to stop grubbing around in the symbol table and
write XML::Parser::Style::Hashref, which takes a hashref with the same
keys as the subs in ::Subs.


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