XML::Parse dies hard

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Repair the corrupted file:

   perl -p -i -e 'tr/\r//d' bad_file

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Re: XML::Parse dies hard

On 14 Apr, 10:04, maxwe...@gmail.com wrote:
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Because your expectation of the behaviour of XML::Parser::parse does
not match the documented behaviour.

Consult the description of the parse method in the XML::Parser
documentation and adjust your expectation accordingly. Pay particular
note to the sentence "A die call is thrown if a parse error occurs.".

Re: XML::Parse dies hard

Thanks, Brian.

I got it to work thus:

use XML::Parser;
my $checker = new XML::Parser ( Handlers => { } );
my $stream = "<foo id=\"me\"Hello World</foo>";
eval { $checker->parse($stream); };
if ($@) { print "uh oh";
die; }

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