writing to a pipe on win32

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Hi experts,
I need to write a perl script that will be called from a series of
executables chained thru pipes that read from STDIN and writes to
STDOUT. The following code works fine under regular circumstance. But
when there is a error down the pipe in one of the executables, the
pipe closes and then this script just exits. It does not print line
14. The troublesome line is line number 17. If I comment it out, the
script completes. From my very little perl knowledge, I was thinking
that in line 17, when we call "print $_" and the pipe broke due to the
error in another executable, it would generate SIGPIPE, but I get no
signal. Does SIGPIPE work on windows ?

1    sub signalhandler
2    {
3       print STDERR "*Received a SIG$_[0]\n";
4    }

5     my $Tmp_File = "c:/test_dir/testFile";    

6     open(IN_FILE, ">$Tmp_File") || die "Open file error: $!";
7     binmode (IN_FILE);

8     while (<STDIN>) {
9         print IN_FILE ;
10     }
11     close(IN_FILE);
12     use sigtrap qw{handler signalhandler normal-signals

13     open(OUT_FILE, "$some_other_executable $Tmp_File |") || die
"Fork error: $!";
14     print STDERR "Opened file OUT_FILE!!\n";
15     binmode (OUT_FILE);
16     while (<OUT_FILE>) {
17          print $_;
18     }
19     unlink ($Tmp_File) || die "Remove file error: $!";

Thanks in advance.


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