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I have been away from the group for a few years.  If this has already been
posted, please point me in the right direction..

At my work place, certain web pages are accessed after the initial URL is
redirected to a login page.  The user is presented a login page, logs in,
and is then directed to the original requested site.  As I see it the
sequence is as follows.

1.  User enters URL into browser.
2.  User is redirected to a login screen.  Server drops a cookie containing
some data including a redirect url to the original url.
3.  User fills out form and submits...  Server drops a cookie containing
some login success type data.
4.  Server redirects browser to original URL.  Server drops another cookie.

I have the O'reilly books and have attempted to create a User agent and a
cookie jar.  My strategy has been to:

A.  Instantiate a user agent browser and post the URL.
B.  Get the cookie.
C.  Spoof the login page and post login data with correct values. Send the
D.  Receive the success cookie and post the original url with the success

Of course I have fallen on my face here.  Any experience with this or
experience with LWP user agents sending receiving/sending cookies?


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