Windows: Rakudo-Star Perl6 now available as *.msi

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Hello everybody,

I am a Windows user and I always wanted to run Rakudo-Star Perl 6, but
I couldn't get the installation / compile from source to run on my
Windows 7 box (32 bits). I grew more and more frustrated.

Then I came across a posting "Windows .msi available for Rakudo Star
2012.07" by pmichaud on -=
and I installed the Rakudo *.msi file (which is a really simple one-
click installation process) and it worked perfectly.

I thought that Windows people on comp.lang.perl.misc are interested to
know that they too can now run Rakudo-Star Perl 6.

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Perl 6 (was Re: Windows: Rakudo-Star Perl6 now available as *.msi)

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I've certainly heard of the Perl 6 effort.  How's it coming in
general?  As for "Rakudo-Star Perl 6" in particular, how useful is it
-- mostly featureful or only a few?  production quality or buggy?

Tim McDaniel,

Re: Perl 6 (was Re: Windows: Rakudo-Star Perl6 now available as *.msi)

On 14 ao=FBt, 17:56, (Tim McDaniel) wrote:
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I am just a beginner perl 6 user (and an average perl 5 user), but
judging by the comments of I would say that "Rakudo-
Star Perl 6" is useful but not yet production quality. I don't think
it is buggy, but some features are missing, see also /

++ There are some key features of Perl 6 that
++ Rakudo Star does not yet handle appropriately,
++ although they will appear in upcoming releases.
++ Some of the not-quite-there features include:
++ * macros
++ * threads and concurrency
++ * Unicode strings at levels other than codepoints
++ * interactive readline that understands Unicode
++ * non-blocking I/O
++ * much of Synopsis 9
++ There is a new online resource at
++ that lists
++ the known implemented and missing features of
++ Rakudo Star 2012.07 and other Perl 6 implementations.

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