Windows control in PERL

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I want to create a windows control library for PERL like the Screen
module, but I am old fasioned and I do not like Objects, especially
not in PERL. Not that I can not program in an object oriented
language, I had Object Oriented languages in college and am well
versed in the discipline - I just think that there are languages,
like Beta, where it is good form to program Object Oriented, and
then there are others, like C and PERL, where it is not.

So I am old fashioned.

What we need is to be able to lock the screen at a certain size, with
the border being simple, so that there is no resize widget, for
instance 100x50, and then we will need cls(), up, down, left and right.
And at(), and then I would be rock and roll. Up and down, etc, could
be constants that you could print.

The reason for this would be to bring the good old hackboard back to
the xwindows computer. There is a lot of old Qbasic software out there
and a lot of big business men loving it, and they have no where to
go and no means of porting their equipment if there is no BASIC like

I do not know if you care for that and you probably freak a full circle
when I mention BASIC, but the fact of the matter is that the industry
needs a hackboard with simple screen control, something everybody
understands. Then they will explode in an orgnate of storage facility
systems and adress book and so on.


Is there anyone who would like to help me with this. If you imply that
I could just do it like it is done in the Screen module, you are not
doing me a favor. I am not that good a PERL hacker. The Screen module
builds on Term and Term builds on Cap, and frankly, I do not know what
is going on. Also if I did, I would not be here asking you now. And
lastly, is it not just basicly pissing on me, I would relent that.

Now, if you DO know what is going on in Screen, maybe you can help me
get terminal.lib up and running.

Just this.

Nobody dies in WarZone!

Re: Windows control in PERL

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Terminal control works by printing special escape sequences to the
terminal. Termcap is a database of which escape sequences you need for
which terminal, so in principle you can't avoid using it. In practice,
pretty much all terminals support the ANSI escape sequences now, so you
could just hardcode those. I believe that's what the Term::ANSIScreen
module does.


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