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I want to write to the windows clipboard from a PERL program.
Can anyone tell me how, please

Re: Windows Clipboard

Simon Guest wrote:
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Dear Simon,

   If you're using ActiveState Perl (you can find out by typing "perl
-v" at a DOS prompt), you can easily copy text to the Windows clipboard
with the command:

      Win32::Clipboard()->Set("text for clipboard");

Of course, this will only work if you use the Win32::Clipboard module,
like this:

      use Win32::Clipboard;

   Read more about the Clipboard module by typing this at a DOS prompt:

      perldoc Win32::Clipboard

   I hope this helps, Simon.

   -- Jean-Luc

Re: Windows Clipboard

On 2005-04-29, Simon Guest scribbled these
curious markings:
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It's Perl (the language) or perl (the program), but never PERL.

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Have you thought of looking at some of the Win32 modules on CPAN?

Best Regards,
Christopher Nehren
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Re: Windows Clipboard


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Since you're running Windows it's 100:1 that you're using ActiveState
Perl.  If so then look in the HTML Help; towards the bottom on the LH
pane you'll find a module called Win32::Clipboard.  Care to guess what
it does?

Or open a command window and type

    perldoc Win32::Clipboard

.... but the HTML is easier.

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