win32 serial port listener: poll or interrupt

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i am developing an interface to some serial devices from a windoze xp
box. i have installed the active state perl 5.8.6 (build 811) and the
Win32-SerialPort-0.19 package (module, whatever).  I am developing the
GUI with Perl/Tk.  i have to be able to listen to several of these
devices (via a USB/Serial converter) while not forgetting about my

I think interrupts are hardware level and too low for the win32 perl to
talk to. and polling as many as 16 devices (i would think) is a bit
processor intensive.  even a threaded model with a priority queue needs
to know there is data.

Can aynone tell me the best way the listen to these ports???

Re: win32 serial port listener: poll or interrupt

On Thu, 23 Jun 2005 08:28:00 +1000, Mountain Drew wrote:

Hi(gh) Mountain

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