Who is on Stack Overblow . com?

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Ok, just a heads up. I am on StackOverblow.com and
am me sln. I am shocked at this system of reward via timebased
instead of thought.

I think there can be some real instant problem solving, but
the up votes based on reputation, and giving the misguided/wrong
answer is bad for beginners, who cast thier lot with reps of
"fastests gets the upvotes" prevalence.

I think its bad over all.

Any opinions?


Re: Who is on Stack Overblow . com?

On Tue, 08 Mar 2011 17:44:57 -0800, sln@netherlands.com wrote:

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Come on, the bleed from clmp is to StackOverflow,
surely you doesth protest? I know I do!

(come one folks, ... anybody..)


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