What OLE should I use?

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My application will produce hundreds of Acrobat PDF files
on a daily basis.  In order to get a grasp on classifying
them under the Windows Shell/Explorer, I would like to add
to each file some properties, both BuiltIn (Author, Title,
Subject, Category, Comments, etc.) as well as Custom (Deadline,
SSN, Employer, etc.).

Ideally, I would like to find some utility that would allow
me to add said properties like so:

    AddToPropertySet("OdeToJoy.pdf", "Author", "Beethoven");

I really don't care what language the utility is written in, but
I suspect that Perl is the most advanced language for this use,
with the OLE modules.

I haven't even dowloaded the modules, but it looks like there is
an older one (obsolete perhaps?) OLE::Storage:Property which
seems appropriate enough.  On the other hand, there is a newer
module, Win32::OLE which presumably replaced the older one but I
can't find a single mention of "Property".

Which of those two (or any other?) modules should I use?
Or perhaps there is a tool/script out there written already
that will add those properties?


-Ramon F Herrera

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