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Hi, I am new to Perl. What are the files with .3pm extension? I know
that files with .pm extension are perl modules.

I have a file Tangram::Set.3pm in my perl packages directory.

$ file Tangram\:\:Set.3pm
Tangram::Set.3pm: troff or preprocessor input text

How do I view the contents of this file? Looks like there is code and
docs inside this file?

I have googling around for 30 minutes now. Haven't found anything yet.
Maybe, I am looking at the wrong places. I unsuccessfully tried all the
possible options with man as well:

  517  man Tangram::Set.3pm
  518  man -M .Tangram::Set.3pm
  519  man -m .Tangram::Set.3pm
  520  MANPATH=. man Tangram::Set.3pm
  521  MANPATH=. man Tangram::Set.3pm
  533  man    Tangram::Scalar.3pm
  534  man  <  Tangram::Scalar.3pm
  535  man  -M . <  Tangram::Scalar.3pm
  537  man   -t  Tangram::Scalar.3pm
  538  man   -t  -M . Tangram::Scalar.3pm
  539  man   -t  -M . Tangram::Scalar
  540  man   -t  -M . Tangram
  541  man   -t  -M . Scalar

Re: what is .3pm extension

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Quoted text here. Click to load it
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It is most likely a manual page.

Try from the command line:

    nroff -man Tangram::Set.3pm | less


Re: what is .3pm extension

This worked. I can now see the contents properly formatted. Thanks Axel.

Re: what is .3pm extension

TechCrazy wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Man pages that have been produced with pod2man.

Quoted text here. Click to load it


Well, for one thing they're no different from what you'd get with
"perldoc Tangram::Set". But if you prefer man pages for some reason,
just copy the file to wherever your other Perlish man pages live -
likely either /usr/local/share/man/man3 or /usr/share/man/man3.

The "make install" step of the module installation should have already
done that for you, however. It might be worth wondering why it didn't.


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Re: what is .3pm extension

TechCrazy wrote:
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MANPATH or the argument to -M need to be set to the notional top-level
of the man structure you want to read from (ie the directory in which
one finds man1, man3 etc). You can use strace/truss (eg on
Linux/Solaris) to work out exactly what files man is trying to open.

3pm in this case means that the file is a manfile in section 3pm, "pm"
standing for "perl modules", though this convention appears to have
fallen out of use.

Note that manfiles can normally just be processed with nroff if all else
fails eg:

nroff -man blib/man3/Tangram::Set.3 | less

Also note that I can't find any .3pm files in the latest version of
Tangram; is your installation out of date?


Re: what is .3pm extension

Thanks Mark, Sherm for your time.

I don't care a lot about the Tangram package as such. Only wanted to
know about .3pm files.

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