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Boss asked for a "web service" that must do some work at server and give
back some "REST" data over "JSON"
Please help , I search for modules and info at cpan/google but I get more
Give me some guidelines of what to to.

Re: web service

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It is claimed that 'REST' means 'representational state transfer' and
that it is not a backronym someone chose because of its desired
connotation. The term had its origin in the remarkable fact that, at
least at one English university, inventing a new terminology for
describing something someone else did, was good enough for a degree in
'elaborate idle babbling about abstract concepts invented for this
purpose' aka 'theoretical computer science'. Practically, it means
"using HTTP".

JSON means 'Javascript object notation', yet another system for
turning structure data into text, reportedly using or based on the
Javascript syntax for specifying such objects.

'Web services' usually (AFAIK) refers to a message format
specification describing the content of certain HTTP requests and
replies. The acronym WSDL (probably, 'web service definition
language') might be of use for getting at the details.

Re: web service

On 07/28/12 07:17, George Mpouras wrote:
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Helpful Perl modules: SOAP::Lite, LWP, JSON

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