VB6 and Perl on 2000/XP: Req recommendation for interprocess communication

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I'm working on a VB6 program that will kick off a command process
(using COMSPEC) that will run a perl script, which in turn may execute
nested perl scripts. (I think it sounds worse than it is.) I have
tested a prototype which appears to work, using CreateProcess (this
way, I can stop the process if I need to).

I would like the VB program to be able to continually monitor and
receive status from the running perl script(s) so I can update a
status bar, and perhaps display progress information in a textbox. To
me, watching the text whiz by in a console window looks kinda 80's...

Can someone suggest an optimal approach for this?


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Re: VB6 and Perl on 2000/XP: Req recommendation for interprocesscommunication

Tom Bates wrote:
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There is a very easy way...  Just  have the Perl script return back the
percentage that it is complete and then have the VB part capture the
STDOUT and then wait for the new percentage.

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