Using regular expressions to copy substrings into an array?

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Hi!  I need to take the contents of a text file, find certain patterns of
text within the file, and, wherever those patterns occur, push those
instances of the pattern onto an array.  The pattern includes a tagged term
and the two words before it and after it:

firstword secondword <tag>term</tag> fourthword fifthword

It may well be that the peripheral words of one phrase overlap with those of
a neighboring phrase, but I need to copy each instance as a separate item in
the array.

I need to recognize instances of the pattern across newlines, so I am
reading the contents of the file line by line and concatenating the lines
onto a single string.  Then I could use the /s modifier if appropriate --  
but I don't know exactly how to use matching for my purpose.

Any suggestions as to how to go about this?  Thanks.

Amittai Aviram

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