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I'm writing an perl script which should communicate over a serial
port. The script should be able to run in Linux and Win32
environments. In both environments exist modules to access the serial

  Win32::SerialPort (under Windows)
  Device::SerialPort (else)

I know it is possible to detect the OS using Config::Config. But it
seems not possible to use different modules depending on this
information like this:

  if ( $OS eq 'WINDOWS' ) {
    use Win32::SerialPort qw( :PARAM :STAT );
  } else {
    use Device::SerialPort qw( :PARAM :STAT );

What's the right way to write such an OS dependent application?


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Re: use modules OS dependent wrote:
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I just answered your question in clpmodules. Please show some patience.

Gunnar Hjalmarsson

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