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Hello, I have two installations of perl 5.6 and 5.8 on Windows 2K and
2003 platforms.  5.6 on 2K and 5.8 on 2003.  I installed the DBI and
DBD modules on the 2003 unit then copied my pages to the new server.
One page lists tables from an Access db, the code:

foreach my $table ( @tables){
   $nTable = $table;
   if ( $nTable =~ /MSys/){
        #  Do not print any thing.
   } else { # Print Table Names.
    if (($tblCnt % 10) == 0 ) { # Set new Table rows at count of 10.
       $skip = 1; $cols= $cols + 1;%></tr><tr><%
    } else {
     $skip = 0;
    } # Should only pertain to tablerow
    %><td colspan="4">
    <a href="fields.asp?Table=<%= $table %>"><%= $table %></a>
    </td><% # end tablerow close.
    $tblCnt = $tblCnt + 1;
   } # End of Print Table Names.

prints table names like you would see viewing in Access (SECC SEID
SETE) on the 5.6 version.
On the 5.8 2003 server the same code displays them:
which is the path to the db location . tablename.
I am sure that the $dbh->table(); function must have changed. I have
spent an hour or so and used some local resources to determine the
change to no avail.  One suggestion was a pattern matching, but I feel
this is not the proper method of fixing it.

Any ideas as to the change?


Re: Upgrade DBI question

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Maybe nothing but I remember coming across the fact that on one version
tables name are returned with single quotes around them, whereas they are
returned with barewords on another version.
i.e. 'table_name1'
and table_name1



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