unix perler needs win32 API perl snippet

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dear perl experts---I hope this is a request for a one-liner.  I
usually run linux or OSX, but I now am in need of automating some OCR
on Windows.  (The OCR vendors only sell affordable software on Windows
in their latest versions.)  So, I want to automate the following:

* in the file explorer, right-click on a file [whose name my perl
program provides] and select a particular program to invoke on this
file.  For example, this could be "Send To -> Compressed (zipped)
Folder"  or "Send to Mail Recipient".  In my specific case, I want to
right-click a file to "Abby Finereader -> Convert into ..." or
"OmniPage 16 -> Convert to PDF".   Fortunately, there is nothing else
that these invoked programs require as subsequent input.

Then I want to wait until the invoked program is completed and
exits.   This is it.

I can write the rest of the program.

Could someone in the know please help?



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