TZ problem

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I have a problem that has nothing to do with perl directly but I can't
find a solution.

On OS/2 the standard TZ environmental is of the form:


Now if Apache sees that it freaks and thinks everything is GMT so
right now the logs would be one hour out. I discovered that if one
uses the POSIX form of TZ:


Then setting that in the startup script for Apache almost gets it
right in that the time is correct but the timezone offset is not. This
might be Apache code, it has a *huge* amount of code dealing with time
stamps, or it might be my LIBC library.

However, running with the POSIX TZ then screws up perl CGI scripts (I
don't use mod_perl BTW). I am wary of resetting $ENV in case it
affects Apache so what I think I need to do to work around the problem
is check for a POSIX TZ format and figure out for myself if DST
applies. I need to get it correct as I am generating email DATE:
headers. Before I try very hard is there any module that might assist?
I could not find one.

Dave Saville

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