Trying to get HTML::FillnFORM to fill in my form...

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I don't have the Defaultify module on my server yet.  I"m trying to use
this one.  I have my key value in %hash.  I have a flatfile database
with two lines.  One for the keys and one for the data.  I read it in
and stick it into a hash. I think I did this right...

Now I'm following the directions I found on CPAN for this module. I get
a 404 not found message.  My form is there right where I say it is
under ../form1.  Is this module supposed to caugh up loanapp.htm with
all my key value pairs? (I know the data is there because I printed
everything where the #'s are)

Thanks for any help on this.
Scot King

!/usr/bin/perl -w

open (FILE, "../temp/tempdatabase.txt") or error("Can't open file!");
my @descr =<FILE>;
close FILE;
my %hash=();
my @keys=split(/\|/,$descr[0]);
my @values=split(/\|/,$descr[1]);
@hash = @values;
#print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";
#while (($k, $v) = each %hash) {print "$k=>$v, "};

$fif = new HTML::FillInForm;
$output = $fif->fill(scalarref => $html,
             fdat => \%hash);

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