Tried to make an exe with par

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i tried to make an binary file for windows using par.

i use the command: 'pp -o text.exe'

the content of is:
print "hello world!\n";

because i am using windows xp i also tried
print "hello world!\n";
This works on the console with 'perl' perfect...

when executing the command i still get:
PAR::StrippedPARL::Static->get_raw() did not return the raw binary
data for a PAR loader at C:/Perl/site/lib/PAR/StrippedPARL/
line 141, <DATA> line 1.
Could not write temporary parl (class PAR::StrippedPARL::Static) to
file 'C:\DOKUME~1\HORNDA~1\LOKALE~1\Temp\parlEMI9.exe' at C:/Perl/
lib/PAR/StrippedPARL/ line 65, <DATA> line 1.
C:\Perl\site\bin/pp: Failed to extract a parl from
'PAR::StrippedPARL::Static' to file 'parlJQkKhen.exe' at C:/Perl/
lib/PAR/ line 1157, <DATA> line 1.

how could i fix that?

Thanks for help


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