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In a script, I trap the interrupt and quit signals.  I would like all
the other signals to be ignored.  Is there a simple way to do it?


Re: traping signals wrote:
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perldoc sigtrap
perldoc perlipc


Re: traping signals

On 2005-05-05, Charles DeRykus scribbled these
curious markings:
> Not really. If Unix-based and kill(1) supports -l , you
> could grab the list and set the other signals to ignore:

[non-portable code snipped]

Instead of giving platform-specific code that returns tainted data, why
not just use the example given in perlipc?

I quote:

       The names of the signals are the ones listed out by "kill -l" on
your system, or you can retrieve them from the Config module.  Set up an
@signame list indexed by number to get the name and a %signo table
indexed by name to get the number:

use Config;
defined $Config || die "No sigs?";
foreach $name (split(' ', $Config)) {
    $signo = $i;
    $signame[$i] = $name;

End quote.

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Christopher Nehren
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