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Will 'require' serve as a translation for Bash 'source' ('.').

I am trying translate a BASH script.

The Bash script includes something like

 . filefoo

where filefoo is a whole bunch of variable assignments.

It is easy enough to translate the variable assignments to perl.

If I tanslate filefoo and stick a 'return 1;' at the bottom, would 'require
filefoo' be a reasonable translation of the Bash . filefoo?

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Re: Translate BASH source

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'require' has slightly different semantics. In particular, 'require'
will always (and only) search the directories listed in @INC, whereas
'.' will search $PATH iff filefoo doesn't contain a slash.

If you need to keep the 'search $PATH' semantics you'll need to
implement it yourself. If you just want to load a file from the given
path (without doing any searching), use 'do' instead. If you're happy to
install filefoo somewhere in @INC instead of somewhere in $PATH, use

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Well... it's easy enough to translate them into *bad* Perl. If you
follow the advice everyone in this group gives you and 'use strict' and
declare your variables with 'my', you'll find you can't get at them from
outside the file they're declared in. This is a feature :).

A simple way round, if you're just looking to get the script working
rather than write it well, is to declare the variables with 'our' in
both files. A better answer would be to declare a single %config hash,
and have your included file set that rather than a whole lot of separate
variables. A much better answer would be to use some well-known config
file format, and something like Config::Any to load it for you.

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It's not usual to use 'return' when ending a required file with a true
value; a line just containing '1;' at the end of the file is much more
common. While you can use 'return' to leave a required file partway
through, I'd consider that very confusing behaviour.


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