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The following works, but is it the proper way to store, in this case,
DBI database handles for later use?

  my %handles;

  sub connectdb {
      my $dbh = DBI->connect(...);
      $handles = $dbh;


  for my $v (values %handles) {

I'm looking for general answers on accomplishing this rather than
anything specific to DBI itself.  I initially tried storing the
handles as keys, but that doesn't work for obvious reasons.  Nor does
storing references to the handles as keys.  When trying as references,
I was doing

  $handles = 1;

  for my $k (keys %handles) {

but this results in

  Can't use string ("REF(0x843000c)") as a SCALAR ref while "strict refs"

which makes sense.



Re: tracking database handles

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Yes, but note that this is not threadsafe. If you need threadsafety, see
the Hash::Util::Fieldhash module that comes with perl 5.10.


Re: tracking database handles

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Why use a hash when you don't need hash lookups?

my @handles;
push @handles, $dbh;
foreach (@handles)

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