[TRAC] WikiInclude on 0.11 - Noah Kantrowitz blocks bug-fix

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 * Deletion of valid defect reports on trac community resources

The "WikiInclude" plugin is not recognised on trac 0.11, thus I took a
look an made a small addition to the setup.py (the entry_point).

Other users have the same problem, thus I filed a ticket in the "trac-
hacks" community resource.

Mr. Noah Kantrowitz closed the ticket as "invalid". My comments within
this ticket are deleted, directly in the database, which is the same
as censorship. I've copied the email-notification from my comment
below. [1]

Please realize:

 * this is a real-live defect, which remains unprocessed, thus more
users run into this trouble.
 * My attemps to inform users in the user-threads do not show up in
all threads (moderation on trac-users!!!)
 * The "IncludeMacro" is not compatible to the "WikiInclude" macro
 * My comments were deleted in a non-trackable way
 * Users of the WikiInclude plugin are not informed in any way

You are may wondering why the trac project fails to produce a stable
1.0 version since years. The answer is here:




#2294: Plugin is not detectd on trac 0.11 (even the 0.11 specific one)
Reporter:  ilias@lazaridis.com  |        Owner:  yu-ji
   Type:  defect               |       Status:  reopened
Priority:  normal               |    Component:  WikiIncludePlugin
Severity:  critical             |   Resolution:
Keywords:                       |      Release:  0.11
Changes (by ilias@lazaridis.com):

 * status:  closed => reopened
 * resolution:  invalid =>
 * summary:  Missing "entry_point" within setup.py => Plugin is not
             detectd on trac 0.11 (even the 0.11 specific


 (Mr. Kantrowitz. This is defenitely a defect, which occoured for
 users. The provided information helps any user which hits on this
 via a search. I ask you once more to stop with the deletions on this
 '''community''' resource).

 The resolution "invalid" is incorrect.

 The problem exists for me '''and other''' users, see e.g.:

 * [http://groups.google.com/group/trac-users/browse_frm/thread /
de454e7dcf9f0438/d9806ad4a31a14a7 thread 1]
 * [http://groups.google.com/group/trac-users/browse_frm/thread /
2ccf4b2855a6f242?q=WikiInclude& thread 2]

 I've solved it whilst simply adding the entry point to the setup.py.

 It is ok to point to the more flexible and maintained "IncludeMacro",
 other people possibly just want to continue to use the simpler
 "WikiInclude" one.

 I suggest the maintainer of "WikiInclude" (or another developer)
 the setup.py in the repo, and additionally one should place a note in
 "WikiInclude" documentation, that there's a more flexible

Re: WikiInclude on 0.11 - Noah Kantrowitz blocks bug-fix

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Instead of fixing the "WikiInclude" in the repo (or at least leave the
ticket open, thus a developer can do it), Mr. Noah Kantrowitz goes his
very special way (hint: his nick "coderanger") to suggest to use the

"This plugin uses the older style trac_plugin.txt file. If you need
something more 0.11 compatible, try the IncludeMacro."

This is of course completely nonsense. I don't want to use the complex
and buggy "IncludeMacro". The "WikiInclude" can be corrected with just
one line.

But ok, let's take a at Mr. Noah Kantrowitz creation, the
"IncludeMacro". Does it work with 0.11? He does not know, thus he

"What about the current version doesn't work in 0.11?"

who received this question? A user, which has provided a 0.11
implementation of the plugin:

*  summary changed from [patch] 0.11 patch to 0.11 version of

Well, there's certainly no need to get snippy over semantics ;)

There wasn't a version of IncludeMacro for 0.11, so I created one in
the hopes that other Trac admins might find it useful -- humblest
apologies for erroneously referring to my submission as a "patch".
Having said that, if you feel so inclined as to review my version,
then that would be superb, as I'm sure potential future users would
feel much better if my contribution had your blessing and/or fixes.

Other tickets remain completely unprocessed, although they give an
answer to his question "does it work on 0.11":

"The macros.py of Includewikimacro contain : macro = WikiProcessor?
(self.env, 'Include') for the rendering of the wiki page. Whereas now
with the version 0.11, the function WikiProcessor?() nead a formatter
as first argument and not anymore an environment."
08/27/07 05:13:21 changed by sibok@tis***.fr

Mr. Noah Kantrowitz does not care about the trac users, otherwise he
would update the svn of the WikiInclude macro and the documentation to
inform users, instead of violently closing a valid ticket as an
invalid one.

A few more wild-west CODERANGERS like Noah Kantrowitz can ruine the
already very slow progress of the trac-project completely.

User comments and user feedback is critical for any open-source
project. Engouraging contributions, instead of surpressing them is

Trac-Users, please do not accept such a surpressive behaviour - it
costs your time.

(btw: I am a 0.11dev user, see http://dev.lazaridis.com/base/wiki )


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