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Perl 5.16 takes too damn long to build. Tests are not always good -- making
people waste time on interminable tests of very marginal modules is stupid.

That is all.


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Re: Too long

On 20/11/12 15:01, Mickey Langan wrote:
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Is there some extremely good reason why you need to build it yourself,
and do so often?  For me as a user of Perl, exhaustive testing seems
like a good idea, however "marginal" the modules, and since I don't have
to do it I can't see the downside.

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Re: Too long

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Are you running the tests in parallel? It makes a *huge* difference on
modern machines.

    TEST_JOBS=6 make -j6 test_harness

Also, those who do not contribute to perl development don't get to
complain about the techniques found useful by those who do. The test
suite finds lots of portability problems. If you don't want to run it,
don't: someone else has probably run it on your platform and made sure
it passed before the release was made.


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