time and place of satellite coincidence

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For persons who study our spacial roller derby, it was an eventful week.  A
satellite built in the soviet era and an american, the uss colbert,
collided above Siberia.  While there are those who may have lost millions
of dollars in the collision, I can't imagine a suit that wouldn't be
laughed out of court, if only because you would necessarily be in the
*other guy's court.*  Either Americans sue Putin, *bcyevo horoshova,* or
russinas sue an american satellite company that caused nobody harm.

So it is that I think both space agencies best work together to recover the
data of this orbital orgasm for rocket scientists.  Of course, each side
will need two weeks before initial contact at the agency level.  This was a
violation of reykjavik, if the american accelerated toward the hurtling
rock.  It is also a violation of reykjavik, if the russian satellite got an
IQ boost before impact.

Anyways, this is my version of determining the most time sensitive problem
with these data.  Where and when did it occur?

use strict;
  use warnings;
  use LWP::Simple;

  # load the complete content of the url in question
  # via LWP::Simple::get(...)

my $site_url = 'http://www.fourmilab.ch/cgi-bin/Yoursky ';
my $url_args = 'z=1&lat=65.0&ns=North&lon=90&ew=East';

my $t = 'Something went right!';
print "t is $t\n";

$t = (get "$site_url?$url_args" or "Problem");

print "t is $t\n";

#  perl tree4.pl

I believe that the julian time of the coincidence is shown here:

I have this as a leftover part from previous inquiries:

foreach my $elem ( $tree->find_by_attribute('name', 'jd') ) {
    print $elem->attr('value'), "\n";

This will get me the julian time from this point north and west of the
cosmopolitan of yakutsk.  How do I instead, give IT the julian time from a
perl script?

I've taken a look at the cpan for TreeuBuilder.  A lot of it I don't get.
This is what a synopsis looks like:

  foreach my $file_name (@ARGV) {
    my $tree = HTML::TreeBuilder->new; # empty tree
    print "Hey, here's a dump of the parse tree of $file_name:\n";
    $tree->dump; # a method we inherit from HTML::Element
    print "And here it is, bizarrely rerendered as HTML:\n",
      $tree->as_HTML, "\n";
    # Now that we're done with it, we must destroy it.
    $tree = $tree->delete;

<center><h1>Sky above 65N 90E at Sat 2009 Feb 14 4:33 UTC</h1></center>

How do I grab what lies between the center tags?

larry gates

Well, enough clowning around.  Perl is, in intent, a cleaned up and
summarized version of that wonderful semi-natural language known as

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