TieRegistry Overlapped Error

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I'm trying to read the reg values on a remote server using
Win32::TieRegistry. I can remotely connect from my computer using regedit.
When I run the following, I get an error.

use diagnostics;
use Win32::TieRegistry(Delimiter=>"/");

use strict;

my ($reg_test, $reg_val);
my $server = 'some_server_name';
my $key_name =

$reg_test = $Registry-> || die "Could not access
remote machine: $^E\n";

$reg_val = $reg_test->GetValue("Content Type");
print "REMOTE: $reg_test\t$reg_val\n";

exit 0;

This is the error I'm getting:

Uncaught exception from user code:
        Could not access remote machine: Overlapped I/O operation is in  

 at C:\test\reg_audit\reg_audit.pl line 10

Any suggestions?

Re: TieRegistry Overlapped Error

Took quite a bit of hacking, but I finally got it figured out:

$reg_test = $Registry->Connect( "$server", "$key_name",{ Access=>$KEY_READ
} )  || die "Could not access remote machine: $^E\n";

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