Tie::Alias -- Why does it bless() the original variable?

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Dear Perl community,

   Recently I've been playing around with the Pure-Perl Tie::Alias module.

   What surprises me is that making an alias of a variable bless()es the or
iginal variable (if that variable is an array or hash, that is).

   Let me explain with a sample program:

# File:  tie-alias_test.pl

use strict;
use warnings;

use Tie::Alias;

sub doubleScalarValue($)
   my $scalar;
   Tie::Alias::alias $scalar => $_[0];
   $scalar *= 2;

sub doubleArrayValues(\@)
   my @array;
   Tie::Alias::alias \@array => $_[0];
   $_ *= 2  foreach @array;

sub doubleHashValues(\%)
   my %hash;
   Tie::Alias::alias \%hash => $_[0];
   $_ *= 2  foreach values %hash;

### Main code begins here: ###

my $value = 7;
my @valueArray = (1, 2, 3);
my %valueHash = (one => 1, two => 2, three => 3);

use Data::Dumper;
print "\nBEFORE:\n",
      Dumper($value, \@valueArray, \%valueHash);


print "\nAFTER:\n",
      Dumper($value, \@valueArray, \%valueHash);


This program produces the output:

$VAR1 = 7;
$VAR2 = [
$VAR3 = {
          'three' => 3,
          'one' => 1,
          'two' => 2

$VAR1 = '14';
$VAR2 = bless( [
               ], 'Tie::Alias::Array' );
$VAR3 = bless( {
                 'three' => '6',
                 'one' => '2',
                 'two' => '4'
               }, 'Tie::Alias::Hash' );

   Note that before the function calls, Data::Dumper shows \@valueArray and
 \%valueHash as regular references to an array and a hash (as you'd expect)
.  But after the function calls (where the functions use Tie::Alias to crea
te an alias to operate on), \@valueArray is now an array reference bless()e
d into a 'Tie::Alias::Array', and \%valueHash is now a hash references bles
s()ed into a 'Tie::Alias::Hash'.

   Why is that?  Am I calling Tie::Alias::alias() incorrectly?  (I notice t
hat the same problem does not happen to the $value scalar variable.)

   I'm a bit concerned that arrays and hashes are bless()ed as a side-effec
t.  I might have code later on that expects a pure array or hash reference,
 and I don't want the fact that they're now a 'Tie::Alias::Array' or 'Tie::
Alias::Hash' reference to make the code do something I didn't account for.

   Thanks for any help!

   -- Jean-Luc

Re: Tie::Alias -- Why does it bless() the original variable?

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The reason for this (as can be determined easily by looking at the code)
is that Tie::Alias::alias passes the object supposed to be aliased to
each of the TIE* constructors which use it as 'tie object' in case it
can be blessed, ie, is a reference. Since your scalar in
doubleScalarValue isn't a reference, the module creates one instead. If
it wasn't using the passed objects, it would need to create a suitable
something in order to store a reference to them.

This is a somewhat idiosyncratic design descision which should be

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