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Re: The single biggest STUPIDITY in Perl ...

cartercc wrote:

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I don't overall mind the mixing of the HTML and logic, but I too prefer
the latter.  I think too many people just don't understand the ease of
using Perl and CGI for serving content.  Too many people are convinced
that Perl IS CGI and that CGI is "deathly slow".  The differences are
negligible and I trust Perl over PHP any day regarding bug and security
ramifications.  Not that I dislike PHP, I just know better.

I suppose if you get someone new and they don't want to be bothered by
specifying the content type/header and take 5 minutes to understand
permissions, that they might prefer PHP.  I really don't mind either
way, but all of my code for the last 10 years has started in Perl
unless I'm told or asked to code in another language.
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Re: The single biggest STUPIDITY in Perl ...

c> As a general rule, I believe that The Best methodology for building
c> large web apps is to build a wall of separation between the data,
c> logic, and interface, using your logic components to control both the
c> data (and access to data) and the interface. Mixing interface with
c> logic isn't a good idea, IMO.

This is a great rule as long as you accept that you have to break it


Re: The single biggest STUPIDITY in Perl ...


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Serving web contents *is* a kind of extraction and reporting,
especially if the web page contents depend on the state of a database.
In my experience, perl works fine for this purpose, where I use the
CGI::Application::* modules.


Re: The single biggest STUPIDITY in Perl ...

In article

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If you disagree that there are a lot of candidates for Perl's biggest
design mistake, then you just don't use Perl enough.

This is a question I ask a lot of people to plumb the depths of their
experience. If you can't list five things, you just haven't used enough
of the language yet: -

Re: The single biggest STUPIDITY in Perl ...

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References are bad for bad programmers. References are fast. This is
why perl is faster and uses less memory than python and ruby:

Anyway, you're not complaining about references. You are complaining
that perl doesn't do automatic dereferencing (like its slower more
resource intensive cousins).

And to that I say... THANK THE HEAVENS ABOVE. Automatic dereferencing
removes a whole set of functionality needed to write concise programs.
It makes one write lines and lines of procedural code when all that
should be needed is a simple memory lookup.



Re: The single biggest STUPIDITY in Perl ...

"jps" >  ...
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My understanding is that scalars are always implicitly
passed by reference anyway, unless, or until, their value
is altered.

And I'm sure that perl has done the right thing, inspite of me,
more often than I'd care to admit,
It's just my hubris that I'd like to have a feeling
of at least the possibility of being able to exercise
more definite, simple and clear control over everything.
The kind of rush you can get from C or C++.

At the moment, in my opinion, the way perl handles
unicode -- its utf8 flag usage etc -- is the worst thing about it.

But I hope to be able to take that back soon.
I hope to be able to say, authoritatively,
that it's the way that the-way-that-perl-handles-unicode
is explained, that's the worst thing about it.

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