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A lot of people have asked about an online-only edition of TPR,
so I created one.  International customers can pay the same
price as US subscribers ($US16), although they won't get the print
edition.  Those subscribers still have full access to the
PDF versions.

We are, however, working on a European edition.  If we get
enough European subscribers, the online-only edition will
convert to a print subscription at no additional cost.  
Online-only subscribers can also get the print versions
for the price of shipping if they change their minds later.

We've also reduced the price to $US20 for Canada and Mexico,
since the shipping is a bit cheaper than overseas.  Anyone
who recently subscribed from either of those countries can
contant me if they want to get the lower rate (or something
else for the extra money).


The second print issue of The Perl Review is coming off the presses
and will be mailed this week, so you have time to get your name
on the subscriber list.  TPR is the only print magazine devoted
to Perl. /

In this issue ( 1.1, Winter 2004 )

   * Down Translating XML -- Alberto Manuel Simes

   * Module::Release and Beyond -- brian d foy

   * Functional Perl Programming -- Frank Antonsen

   * Faking Stored Procedures -- Zach Thompson
   plus Perl News, Perl Mongers and Perl Foundation reports, book
   reviews, and short notes.

The first print issue ( 1.0 ) is still available to subscribers online
as a PDF file, and some back issues are available.

   * Test Driven Development -- Denis Kosykh

   * Just do{} it -- brian d foy

   * Extending XML::XPath -- Michel Rodriguez

   * Test::More in 20 Seconds -- brian d foy

   * Magick Tile Puzzles -- Grant McLean

Before that, The Perl Review was a digital only version with
eight issues which are still available for free download as
PDF files. /

RSS Feeds are available too.

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Prices: $16 in the US, $20 for Canada and Mexico, and $30 outside the
US.  If we can get enough subscribers in the European Union, we'll
start printing there too and lower the cost.  For online access only,
you can pay $16, and if we start printing in your part of the world,
you can convert to a print subscription without paying more.

TPR accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express, PayPal,
Honors System, and check or money order in US dollars.  Sorry, but we
can only accept advance payment since we're too small to do handle
individual billing.

Samples to Perl user groups, Perl instructors, and other worthy causes
are available.

brian d foy,
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