The best way to give medicine Pet

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The best way to give medicine Pet

Although pets are not as complicated as the process of human thought,
I know when something is wrong or whether to maintain, if somewhat
unpalatable. Thus, even a pet to give the drug is beneficial to the
health of animals can be difficult to bring your pet to work easily.
Through the use of what your pet can enjoy as a strategy of medical
management, saving you time your pet is fighting for this project.


Calm your pet before administering medication. The animals have a
sense of sensitive and can detect when something. Use a pleasant voice
during the call, your pet and approach your pet in a friendly,
nonthreatening way. Sit at eye level with your pet and give your pet a
little love to keep them happy. After a while stroking animals, have a
good picture of your pet around the neck, neck or waist.

Drug Thunder.

If drugs can be administered with food to make the capsule, powder or
liquid on a plate of food every day, the perfect food diguised.
You can also prepare your pet for a delicious treat. Pack medicines in
a meatball or tuna (cats are particularly fond of) and feed the drug
to treat your pet. If the capsule is administered in the diet, keep
the head of your pet from above, with the fixed fingers, a horizontal
letter  C  by hand with the thumb and forefinger on one side of the
mouth and the index and middle fingers on the other side of the mouth
often open mouth. On the other hand, use the middle finger in the
language and press down on drugs with your thumb and forefinger,
insert the tip into the neck of the animal. Close the mouth of pets
and blow gently through your nose to encourage your pet to swallow
drugs. Keep the mouth of your pet and that is closed for several
seconds and swallowed the medicine, because the mouth of your pet,
make sure the medicine is gone. Pets are not to be cooperation, so be
patient and give the physical management approach, a couple of
attempts until you succeed.

Positive reinforcement.

Always speak in a calm voice and reassuring in administering drugs to
keep your pet panic. Gently pat your pet and veterinary medicine
during the administrative work and reward your pet to do a good job.
Love your pet for a good few minutes and offer them a reward, a
popular snack treat or a game play, then it is equally cooperation for
the next round.

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