Thanks Uri Guttman (complex data structures)

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Several months ago, I posted a question about how to document
complex datastructures.  Uri Guttman replied suggesting a
change in coding style and the use of Data::Dumper.

I am now working on a script to maintain a nagios monitoring
environment which is resulting in a data structure that makes
the one I posted the question about look basic by comparison.

I tried the C style dereferencing and have found it to be
incredibly easy to write, read, maintain, and ponder.  The

$nagios->->->[$x]-> = $2

would be ... a nightmare under the other style.  

I also tried the Data::Dumper and found it incredibly useful
as well.

It's not too often that I take all the suggestions that I'm
offered but I did this time.  Thanks for taking the time and
effort to respond.

Doug O'Leary

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