Text to keyword parsing script?

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Before I write one, are there any free scripts out there that will take
a string of text and output a list of spearate keywords?

Re: Text to keyword parsing script?

abracad_1999@yahoo.com wrote in news:1118278845.349984.31150

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Your specs are incomplete and hard to comprehend.

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Re: Text to keyword parsing script?

On 2005-06-09, abracad_1999@yahoo.com scribbled these
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What's a keyword? A Perl keyword? A C keyword? You might get a better
response if you:

1. read the posting guidelines (not painful at all, and very

2. Specified what you meant by a keyword. I could show you code which
outputs all key words related to pre-denoministic Christianity, or
Celtic paganism, or $other_field_of_endeavour (easily configurable by
reading the keywords one per line from a file, hint hint) but I highly
doubt that that's what you want.

As an aside, you may be able to use the grep utility (available on any
self-respecting POSIX system, also available in a number of forms in the
Perl Power Tools (ppt) package; check your local CPAN archive) instead
of writing something from scratch. Of course, I don't know if this will
work for you, because you haven't mentioned where the text is or what
the keywords are.

Best Regards,
Christopher Nehren
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Re: Text to keyword parsing script?

abracad_1999@yahoo.com wrote:
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If all you want is to split (hinthint) a line into separate words, look
at split and perlre, e.g.

@words = split(/\W+/, $line);
print join("\n", @words);

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