Template::Simple .04 is on cpan

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i have released Template::Simple .04 to cpan. this was meant to be .03
but in my haste i released that without doing a full test run. some
changes i made (which passed their own tests!) caused others to fail. my
bad. so i just fixed all the tests and made some minor fixes in the code
for that too.

but the major change is exciting. T::S now has compiled templates. you
can load a template by name and then compile it. the render call is
exactly the same (you must pass the template name for a compiled
template). it will render it blazingly fast. there is a benchmark in the
extras/ dir that compare T::S regular and compiled templates to
Template::Teeny (compiled only) and template toolkit (whatever comes
plain from cpan). T::S compiled templates are about 34 times faster that
TT's in this test. i am sure some of you will bitch and moan about this
so just edit that script and send me code on improving the benchmark.

the docs cover all about compiling templates and the few caveats and
restrictions. you can even dump the generated perl source of a compiled
template for your amusement and hand coded optimizations!


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