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Re: sysread wrote:
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I have no idea what a level II i/o function is.  The man pages don't seem
to break them down into that classification.  Is this a standard usage
or are you just making crap up?

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perl -e 'print "asdfsfsfdsldfjlskdfjlsjflsadjflsdfsadfsf" foreach
   | truss perl -le '<STDIN>'

shows "read" system calls of size 5120 on SunOS 5.9.  The same
thing but with strace rather than truss gives ones of 4096 bytes on
Linux  An old Irix system I no longer have access
to used 10240 bytes.  At least Perl for Windows uses 512 bytes, but since
it doesn't have a "strace" equivalent I don't remember how I deduced that.

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Coming from you, that is rather rich.


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Re: sysread

Larry wrote:
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If I was having trouble reinventing a wheel, I'd consider using the free

According to the docs, handles binary uploads of this type
without requiring you to use sysread in your code.

Just my 0.02 worth.

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