Syntax with Set-Cookie

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This script worked through earlier versions of both IE and FF, but the
newer versions aren't writing the cookie if $remember=1. If
$remember=0 then the cookie is set correctly, so I'm pretty sure that
the error is with the $expires variable. I'm guessing that there's a
typo that the older versions didn't recognize.

Are there supposed to be hyphens in the $expires date? If so, then do
you see any other reason that $expires would be causing a problem?

In this script, $remember is determined by a standard checkbox.



# Log In Script
my $expires;

if ($remember) { $expires = "Sun, 04-Jan-2015 00:00:00 GMT"; }
($found, $banned) = log_in($username, $password, $expires);

sub log_in {

  # snip irrelevant authorization info

  print "Set-Cookie: user=$userID; path=/; expires=$_[2]\n";
  return $found, $banned;

Re: Syntax with Set-Cookie

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My guess is @_ is being overwrittin by the time you use it.
It is always a good idea to save away your sub's startup parameters right away.

  sub someSub {
    my $expires = $_[2] || 'DEFAULT VALUE OR ACTION';

In this case, since $expires is accessible by sub log_in(), you might
try changing the print line to something like:

  if (! $expires) {
    #remember was not checked, use default 'expires' value
    $expires = 'DEFAULT';
  print "Set-Cookie: user=$userID; path=/; expires=$expires\n";


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