Syntactic sugar for scope closing hook?

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Howdy -

I have a module where its functions work in pairs: an opening and
closing pairs.  Because it's likely that these functions will be used
where the programmer also uses exceptions (eval/die), or just wants to
be lazy, it's important that the close function is always called when
exiting the enclosing scope.  I find it tedious to track down every
possible exit path and include the closure.

The simple way to achieve this is to create and object and have a
DESTROY method for it:
    my $trak = function_returning_some_object (args...);
    . . .
    }     # DESTROY() method called here, invokes close function

That's OK, but I'd like to take it to the next level and make it
syntactically look nicer.  Some sugar, if you will.  I want to just do this:

    blah args...;   # blah creates object in *current* scope
    . . .
    }        # Closure for 'blah' object called

How can I do this?

I've had some success by stuffing a closure (with a DESTROY) into the
caller(1)'s symbol glob.  But that only handles the case when the scope
is the enclosing sub.  How do I do this for local scopes created simply
by pairs of { }'s ?

I've also done source filters that simply convert the sugar-coated form
into the primitive form.  But that feels evil.

Thanx in advance,
- Steve

PS:  Sorry, I know I'm not explaining this well.  I hope you can get the
gist of it.

Re: Syntactic sugar for scope closing hook?

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IIUC Scope::Guard may be able to help:

use Scope::Guard;

  my $cleanup = sub { print "cleaning up...\n"; };
  my $guard = Scope::Guard->new( $cleanup );

Charles DeRykus

Re: Syntactic sugar for scope closing hook?

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There's quite a few of those finalizer things.  Hook::Scope or
B::Hooks::EndOfScope might do enough syntax for you.  Scope::Upper might
help create such a thing.  The basic ones include AtExit, Guard and
Sub::ScopeFinalizer, but personally I've found the little Scope::Guard
already mentioned enough.

Re: Syntactic sugar for scope closing hook?

Thanx guys - that's what I needed.  I like the XS methods done by Guard
and B::Hooks::EndOfScope.  But I'm not yet very comfortable writing my
own XS so I'll use Scope::Upper until I am.

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