subroutine's name

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i have the following setting

*f1 = \&foo;

sub foo {
       print 'i am ', (caller(0))[3] , "\n";

f1();   # this prints main::foo

is it possible for 'foo' to see its alias being called? (ie. f1() =>
gives main::f1)  thanks.

Re: subroutine's name

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Not usually, no. Glob aliases point to the same sub, which only has one
name. You can change that name with Sub::Name, but that will change the
name of all aliases to this sub at once.

If you *really* want to do this, you can clone the sub with
Clone::Closure (actually, I think plain Clone will work for subs that
aren't closures), assign that clone a new name, and put that in the
symbol table:

    use Clone::Closure  qw/clone/;
    use Sub::Name       qw/subname/;

    *f1 = subname f1 => clone \&foo;

but it would probably be better to have foo and f1 call a subordinate
sub with a parameter:

    sub _dofoo {
        my $name = shift;
        warn "I am $name";

    for my $sub (qw/foo f1/) {  # $sub must be lexical
        no strict 'refs';
        *$sub = sub { _dofoo $sub, @_ };


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