Strange timeout with LWP::Simple::get

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I'm using POE::Component::IRC and LWP::Simple in the same Perl script
(an IRC bot that retrieves information from Web pages). It runs under
ActiveState Perl v5.6.1 on Windows XP.

LWP::Simple::get works just fine in simple test scripts, but when I
use it in the bot it invariably times out. This is particularly
mystifying because the same code worked about a year ago.
(Unfortunately, I don't know what versions of Perl and the libraries I
was using at the time.)

It's not a DNS problem, because it still happens when I use an IP
address instead of a URL; and it's not a scoping problem, because it
still happens when I replace 'get' with 'LWP::Simple::get'. But
evidently something in the bot script is stopping LWP::Simple from

Are there any known bugs that might explain this? What else might be


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