Storing a substitution (similar to qr())

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I know how to store a regular expression using qr() but
I can't figure out a way to store the substitution part
of a substitution. For example, this works:

my $example = 'I match this string';
my $match = 'this string';
my $repl = 'that string';
my $regexp = qr($match);
$example =~ s/$regexp/$repl/;

and I get 'I match that string';

But I want to do something like this:

my $example = 'I saw Bob and Alice';
my $match   = 'I saw (.*) and (.*)';
my $repl    = 'I saw $2 and $1';
my $regexp  = qr($match);
$example =~ s/$regexp/$repl/;
print $example;

However this gives me 'I saw $2 and $1' and what I want
is 'I saw Alice and Bob'.

Is there any way to do what I want? I'd like to know the
exact mechanics rather than using some module or another.
Also, is there a way to store the entire substitution, a la
my $subst = qr(s/$regexp/$repl/)?

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