Spell check French in perl

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I would like to spell check strings for valid (or otherwise) French words.
The text is in an XML file with other (non-French) entries and I want my
'validation' program (in perl) to check spelling as it checks for other
errors in the input. I can easily pull the french out into strings and split
these into single words as needed before passing to a processor. Ideally the
result would be between:
Yes this is a valid French word
No, but it might be one of (list) mispelled.
No, no idea.
(i.e. an return code and a reference to an array of strings as a return.)

I have looked at CPAN but can't see anything. Is there a module or should I
be calling 'aspell'?

I'm hoping to find something that will work on XP and Linux.

Any ideas appreciated

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