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How does perl treat spaces? Does it ignore them as in Fortran?

Re: Spaces

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The second paragraph of

    perldoc perlsyn

answers your question:

    Perl is a free-form language, you can format and indent it however
    you like.  Whitespace mostly serves to separate tokens, unlike
    languages like Python where it is an important part of the syntax.

Tad McClellan
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Re: Spaces

On Sun, 07 Aug 2011 21:38:41 -0500 in comp.lang.perl.misc, Tad
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And unlike Fortran, where white space is allowed and ignored even
inside of identifiers.  Nobody has made that mistake since, although
Python's abuse of white space comes close.

Re: Spaces

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That depends on the context.

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No, it ignores them unlike FORTRAN. In particular, Perl does not allow
and ignore spaces in identifiers.

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