sorting by prior value in a deeply nested hash

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I have a reference to a hash defined like this:
$chpr-> = {
  sort_name = $sort_name,

I print an Excel report like this:
#open Excel workbook for COLLEGE
foreach my $college (sort keys %) {
 foreach my $dept (sort keys %}) {
  foreach my $rank (sort keys %}) {
  #open new worksheet for DEPARTMENT
   foreach my $fac_id (sort keys %}) {
    foreach my $subj (sort keys %}) {
     #$worksheet->write_row($row, $col, $arrayref);
     #here, I would like to alphabetically sort by
     #so that the faculty names appear in alphabetical order listed  
     #by college, department, rank, and subject (faculty ID isn't wanted)

I can't see the $subj from $fac_id, and once I get to $subj, the has is already sorted by $fac_id. I can't figure out a way to retroactively unsort by $fac_id and sort by .......

Ordering the faculty by sort_name isn't possible because sort_name is not unique, but fac_id is unique.

Suggestions? Other than rewriting the whole thing?

Thanks, CC.

Re: sorting by prior value in a deeply nested hash

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I would stop at the $rank iteration and create a temporary data
structure that holds the data you want to print for that combination of
($college,$dept,$rank). I think you want to basically invert the hash
array for that point onward.

If you have a hash called %data, then iterate over $fac_id and $subj,
saving the data as $data. Then, when you are done, you
can iterate over subjects, iterate over faculty name, and print.

I might also create a %faculty_names hash using $faculty_name
= sort_name for looking up the faculty name given the ID.

I would also recommend saving each hash reference in a scalar variable,
thereby getting rid of the multi-level hash fetches:

foreach my $college (sort keys %) {
  my $college_ref = $chpr->;
  foreach my $dept (sort keys % ) {
    my $dept_ref = $college_ref->;

Jim Gibson

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