Soap:lite with msdl file crash perl.exe v5.6.1

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Dear Soap / Perl gurus!

I'm using Windows Server 2k3 SP1 and Perl v5.6.1

I see perl.exe crash before I see "connected" text, why?

The wsdl file describe the soap interface that is found at
(The wsdl file is not found/hosted at the http address, does it need
to?, but instead is found on local disk)

#!perl -w
use SOAP::Lite +trace => qw(debug);

my $soap =  SOAP::Lite
    -> service('file://C:/Code/wsdl/webservice.x.y.1.1.wsdl')
    -> proxy('http://machinename:2222');
<<<< crash in perl.exe
print ">connected";

Do I also need to update the C:/Code/wsdl/webservice.x.y.1.1.wsdl'
file in this section?:
    <!-- Services -->
    <wsdl:service name="11WebService">

        <wsdl:port name="11Port" binding="tns:11Binding">
            <soap:address location=""/>


Thank you for any hints that can shed som light on this.

Re: Soap:lite with msdl file crash perl.exe v5.6.1 wrote:
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You go through a proxy to get to your local hard drive?

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Re: Soap:lite with msdl file crash perl.exe v5.6.1

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Thank you for your comment smallpond.

The wsdl file is stored on local disk with the client, separated from
the soap service on the remote machine. There were no implementation
requirement to expose the wsdl file over the Internet. Tests with .Net
client can use this soap interface without problem. Response size is
1-2 k byte of data. (there is no chance wsdl method def. will be put
where soap service is)

I ponder, Perl might crash because method is returning too much data
in one chunk? For example, in .Net a soap buffer-size constant needs
to be increased from default (but I recall its about 64kb by default),
to avoid exceptions.

Is there a method to only download chunks of data using soap:lite or
other method?

Also I would appreciate very much if somebody could post working code
where wsdl (file://) and soap service (http://) is NOT found at same
place, i.e. they are separated. Preferably code that calls any public
Internet soap service.

Thank you,

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