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I am trying to use the soaplite Http client to make a connection over
the internet.

I first tested it on the intranet company Lan : everything works fine.
Trying it in the big world however fails.

This is what I do :

- the http client code :

use SOAP::Lite;

$soaplite =
SOAP::Lite->uri('urn:HelloWorld')->proxy(' ');

$soaplite->transport->proxy(' ');

$envelope = '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><SOAP-ENV:Envelope
xmlns:xsi=" "
xmlns:SOAP-ENC=" /"
xmlns:SOAP-ENV=" /"
xmlns:xsd=" "
SOAP-ENV:encodingStyle=" /"><SOAP-ENV:Body><namesp14:message

my $response = $soaplite->transport->send_receive(
    endpoint => $soaplite->endpoint,
    action   => '"urn:HelloWorld#Hello"',
    envelope => $envelope,
    encoding => $soaplite->serializer->encoding,

print $response;


The code is nothing special, just the standard calls.
This works perfectly over the intranet lan.

The ip address I use is the temporary IP address the provider gave to
the destination pc. On both sides there is a direct connection with
the cable modem (no routers in between - just for test purposes of
The ip address is obtained by the ipconfig command.
Reachability is tested with ping : works.

We used protocol analysers on both sides to check the tcp/ip traffic :
apparently only the first packet of the handshaking protocol is sent
(SYNC) several times; a reply on the first handshaking message to
establish a connection is never received. The receiver analyser on the
other side also never receives a packet from the sender.

I am completely blocked with this problem : if it works on intranet
why  should it not work over the intranet if the destination is
reachable (ping) ??
Can anyone help me out here ?

Thanks for any help,


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